Monday, January 10, 2011

Influence Map - Update

Frank Hampson
Probably the biggest influence on British comic books ever!

This is the man that raised the bar for comic strips on both sides of the Atlantic. People talk about Alex Ross today and how he uses models for reference etc..well, no offence meant but as much as I like Alex Ross work, he's not fit to tie Frank Hampsons shoelaces. Hampson was a perfectionist in his work. He took photo reference, built models and produced some of the most beautiful painted artwork ever to grace a comic book page...and he wrote too!

Dan Dare was his main creation which he wrote and drew, later with the aid of assistants (and even Arthur C. Clarke!) and the quality in writing and illustration for that strip has never been equalled or surpassed.
Pat Mills and John Wagner are two of the faces on the British Mount Rushmore...Frank hampson joins them as the 'Washington' of the monument. Blazing a trail for those to follow.
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