Monday, January 03, 2011

Influence Map - Update

Moving onto writers now...specifically comic book writers.
First up...

Pat Mills
Like a lot of the early 2000ad writers, Pat Mills was and still is a huge influence on my very impressionable mind. He created so many classic strips (Charleys War, Flesh, Hookjaw, Nemesis, Slaine, Savage etc) and villains (Torquemada, Slough Feg etc) over the years and even when his work got overly political in the 90' was still worth reading. A writer always on top of his game and a true comic book creating genius. The main drive and brains behind 2000ad in the early years and still breathing life into it today.

A living legend.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Mills for the 2000ad Podcast... and I told him that if there was ever erected a Mount Rushmore of British Comic Book Creators...he would be one of the faces carved into that stone!

For more on Mr. Mills...check out his Wikipedia page by clicking the link below.
The Godfather of British Comic Books!

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Duane said...

I agree completely. I am new to 2000 A.D. comics and Pat Mills was my gateway drug.
In mid-2009, I was really getting into war comics, came across a book called the Mammoth Book of War Comics, and amongst the strips was Charley's War.
After reading just those six pages, it changed my life.
Thinking Pat Mills was brill, I blindly sought out a couple trades, with the first two being Defoe 1666 and Nemesis the Warlock Book 1.
After having my mind blown by Mills' work, I couldn't go back to boring American mainstream comics and jumped into 2000 A.D.
The blend of great art, action/violence, black humour, and sharp dialogue is refreshing.
Now, my comics reading consists almost entirely of Rebellion trades and phone books.
Also, I am loving the ECBT2000AD podcast, esp. the two-part Mills interview. It was better than I'd hoped.