Saturday, May 12, 2007

Heroes Exposed - Script to Screen #1

Okay....I've decided to post different the different stages of how I create the Heroes Exposed strip.

1. First I get the script from Kevin. Sometimes it's detailed, sometimes it's vague. In this's a bit vague...which I don't mind and quite like because it leaves me a lot of room to throw in my own ideas. I've pasted the script below's a Superpets themed one. The idea actually came from Peter Rios of the ComicGeekSpeak podcast. I had talked to him about writing a guest spot and he mentioned the Superpets. Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance to write it...but I mentioned it to Kevin...and Kevin drummed up this number.

Here's a new script. I'll more than likely chage the dialogue as usual, but the gist is the same. Thanks

LEX- Where are they now? Today we talk with one time hero Beppo.

BEPPO- (smoking, blowing out smoke, he has a monkey comb over, whatever that looks like, and a suit)Hey Lex. Glad to be here.

LEX - So the team, where are they now. You've just written a tell all, give us some details.

BEPPO- (he is holding up the book, have fun with the cover) Its been a tough road for some of us...You can do the next panels like pages from the book maybe, like picture pages they do in the middle in the book. Fairly large.

BEPPO- Streaks pretty much burned out on supernip.(Streaky- Do a mug shot having him really strung out looking. Almost like a Bill the Cat look.)

BEPPO- Krypto went all show business. (Not sure about this surprise me) BEPPO- And well...Comet...well that was just sad(A bottle of glue like the rubber cement, with Super Glue on it.)

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