Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Deb Bonair - Teaser Cover - Inks #2

Another cover image!

My inks over Rory's pencils! I can't seem to do this guys pencils any justice...his work is amazing!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Deb Bonair - Teaser cover - Inks #1

My inks over Rory's fantastic pencils.

One of the images for the upcoming teaser poster for Deb Bonair - Space Pirate.

Heroes Exposed #4


Another one up! Kevin is uploading these strips quicker than I can keep up with!
This one features the crew of ComicGeekSpeak.

Check out their to get back to drawing some more strips before Kevin catches up with me!

Below are the two for the GeekSpeak crew and the other for the strip. To view older strips in the'll have to subscribe.

Heroes Exposed #3

Third strip is up!

Check it out at

Undead Ed

Undead Ed was a animation proposal I was putting together with a writer/artist friend of mine. In the next few days I'll post some more images from the proposal, some background info and initial idea sketches.

For now though...just enjoy the above teaser.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Athena Voltaire

Athena Voltaire. A daring Aviatrix in the Indiana Jones mold, she even fights Nazis, co-created and drawn by the uber-talented Steve Bryant. Steve posted the image on left on the ComicGeekSpeak forum and I couldn't resist adding more voluptousity (I don't know if that's a real word!) to the image, to the characters shock and amazement...heck! I even threw in a cute and cuddly Hitler image!

Steve loved it!

Seriously though, check out Athena Voltaire and buy the damn book! You won't regret it. It looks and reads fantastic.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Doodle for Rich

This is a quick ink sketch I did for co-worker and fantastic artist, Rich Arnold. It's one of his zany characters from a american-manga space soap opera he's been working on for years!

So zany, I can't remember the characters name!!!

You can check out Rich's blog on the links section.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Heroes Exposed #2

Another Heroes Exposed strip. It's Written, colored and lettered by the uber-talented Kevin Volo and drawn by me! Check it out at

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dude look like a lady!

Ultramaiden gets hit with the 'Sex pistol' and it ain't a pretty site.

A sneak peek at another 'Thugs' panel. You can check out the rest of the strip here....'Thugs!'

Shamus MacBeth

Ah! Shamus MacBeth...this was a running joke I had with an ex-co-worker, Jim Mariano.

Basically someone that we worked with came in one morning and said they had seen 'Dawn of the Dead'...Jim thought they said 'Donal O' Dead', as if they went to see an Irish Goth grew from there...and I did a couple of sketches...the one above is Shamus MacBeth.

Donal is around somewhere, I just have to dig him up!

Dredd Again?!!!

Another Dredd sketch.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Deb Bonair

Here she is!!!
Space Pirate Extraordinaire!!!

This is a rough ink version of a Deb Bonair teaser poster for I'm writing the script and inking it and amazing penciller, artistic genius and all-round good guy Rory Hensley is doing the pencils (as if you couldn't guess!). That's my crappy inks over his stupendous pencils.

Check out Rory's blog for some fantastic work. It's on the links to the right...he's Sketchy Characters.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Heroes Exposed

It's live!!!

Check out the strip at!

Friday, August 11, 2006


...And you'd better believe it, creep!

Yep. Good 'ol Judge Dredd. My all time favorite comic book character. I did this a while back for my kid. He had seen that gawdawful Stallone Dredd movie! I told him I'd draw him the real Dredd. Accept no substitutions!

A buddy of mine Al went to the comicon in San Diego and got me John Wagners autograph...THE JOHN WAGNER! The genius who created Dredd, Darkies Mob, Strontium Dog, Robo-Hunter, Dredger, Button Man...and who wrote History of Violence!

His Dredd strip was soooo far ahead of it's time...he had our obsession with reality TV shows in the strip in the late 70's! and Americas obesity problem and obssession with plastic surgery and celebrity, of course, with a bizzarre twist!

I'm always really surprised at how many comic book geeks in the US don't know this mans genius! I rank Mr. Wagner right up there with the great Will Eisner. His Dredd strip has inspired probably all the Brits that work in the US comicbook industry...some directly!

Get to know this man and his won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Man from Malego #4

Okay! Here's the last image I'll be posting of 'The Man from Malego'.

As soon as the the strip is finished and Kevin has it lettered and colored...I'll post a few teaser images...but to see the whole thing, you have to go to Pixelstrips to view it.

I'll let you all now when it's ready!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deb Bonair!

A rough thumbnail for a teaser poster for a comic-strip that myself and Rory Hensley are going to be working on. I'll be writing it and providing Rory with thumbnail layouts for each page...Not that the guy needs it!

Check out Rorys blog on the links column. The guy is an amazing artist...I feel really privileged and honored to have Rory draw this strip. I'll be inking the sucker. I hope I can do his pencils justice.

Anyhoo, the strip is about a female Space Pirate 'Deb Bonair''s gonna be a very light-hearted strip witht lots of fun and action and maybe some smart sci-fi (That's where Rory comes in!)

As soon as the teaser poster is pencilled and inked...I'll post an update.

Oh...The strip will be appearing exclusively on

The Man from Malego #3

Yet another panel. The panel on the left was the original drawing...actaully the first drawing I did for this story...I just liked the panel. I later redrew it. The panel on the right is the panel I used in the end and it set the 'look' for Billy's gang. The left panel looked too 80's.

Pirate Queen!

Grace O' Malley, Pirate Queen!

Read more about her here...Pirate Queen

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Man from Malego - Post #2

Here he is! The sexist Bounty Hunter that's givin' those gals a tough time!

More to come tomorrow!

Kevin from is gonna color and letter these pages! Kevin is awesome!!!! Just thought I'd share that with you!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Man from Malego - Post #1

The Man from Malego

This post brings back memories. This was a strip I did or actually re-did for a friend of mine. It's about a sexist bounty hunter tracking down Billy the Kid and her gang. It was a lot of fun...still haven't finished the whole thing, but I will and maybe ask Kevin from if he would like to host it.

It was written by my friend George O' Shea and it was originally printed in a indie comic book that I had published back in Ireland. The publication was called 'Mainstream' . George did the original art and I had asked him years later if I could redraw it. He said sure...and I still ain't finished it. I'll get it done this year for sure...I've only got two pages left!!!

I'll post more panels over the next few weeks. Enjoy the bar scene as our Bounty Hunter's arrival brings the festivities to a close.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Another old sketch.

This is America...she's a genetically engineered soldier. The best of the best. I created the character a few years ago. Her story takes place in yet another cliched post-apocalyptic future.

Like Novak: Time Tech! I put this baby on the back burner...some day I'll return to her and get her story told.

Friday, August 04, 2006

PowerGirl and Starfire

I did this sketch after a joke was made on the CGS forum. The joke was that Powergirl and Starfire are so stacked that they wouldn't be able to fit in one panel. Well, I made them fit...but barely!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Scar Tissue - Savisuthra - FINISHED!

DONE! Woohoo! The inks are all I got to find someone to color it!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ultramaiden gets Zapped!

This image is from Thugs: Chapter 5!
Poor Ultramaiden gets zapped with the 'Gender' gun! I like this image and as soon as I put the page together...I'll publish the whole panel. I'm very happy about the way it's turning out!

Novak - Time Tech

This is a preliminary drawing for a female heroine...Novak - Time Tech.
I'm still toying around with the idea for a comic-strip. I might get it straigthened out some day!
And...Yes! That is a Batman doodle on the bottom left. I'll scan that in sometime in the near future.