Monday, September 13, 2010

Influence Map - 1,2

Okay. Everyone is doing an 'influence map' these days. So, why should I be different? Well, I'm gonna be. I'm going to do an 'Influence' and 'Inspiration' map. It seems to be a better fit for me. Because there are a lot of people who's work I look at that inspire me, rather than influence me. And I see them as just as important as the ones that 'influence' me. Does that make sense?

First up..the Master...

Will Eisner
Growing up in Ireland reading comics, I had no clue to who this guy was until a work friend (Who became one of my best friends, Jim Seville) introduced me to some of his work...namely The Spirit. I was hooked ever since. What Eisner did with the comics medium was amazing.

I was also fortunate to have Mr.Eisner as a teacher waaaaaay back in the day. I learnt more about storytelling from those few weeks with Mr.Eisner than I have ever since!!!

Below...proof of my boast! (Look how skinny and fashion challenged I am!)

Frank Cho
Coz, I like the ladies. Well, the way Cho draws 'em. I'm a big cheesecake fan! (Oh, really, you say sarcastically!) And Mr.Cho is one of THE best. No skinny malinks for Cho...his babes have got meat and bones to 'em. Whenever I'm in a rut...I lookee at his doodles. They be teh arsom!

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