Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Carlos Ezquerra Project

The 'Secret Project' page I was working on can be revealed!
It's for a 'Get Well' book for Carlos Ezquerra.

Mark J. Howard (legendary Shark on the 2000adOnline forums) found out that one of the greatest artists ever to draw for 2000ad (and one of the greats overall), the guy responsible for co-creating many characters including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and Major Easy, Carlos Ezquerra had lung cancer. Carlos had an operation to remove the cancer and was recovering in hospital. Mark took it upon himslef to round up as many contributors as he could and put together a nice 'Get Well Soon' book for Carlos. It became a 'secret project' because he didn't want Carlos to know, but rather to surprise him.

Carlos received the book and was blown away by how much he is loved and appreciated by the fans.

Why not? I say.

Carlos has been a constant influence in my life since I was a nipper reading 2000ad and that is an over 30 year relationship!

Get well soon Carlos. You'll always feel like part of my family.

To read more about this amazing project go here...


Chris Askham said...

That's a cracking image, Flint. Very fine indeed.

Jayleon said...

I am LOVING the Cheese cake style on this one.