Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deb Bonair!

A rough thumbnail for a teaser poster for a comic-strip that myself and Rory Hensley are going to be working on. I'll be writing it and providing Rory with thumbnail layouts for each page...Not that the guy needs it!

Check out Rorys blog on the links column. The guy is an amazing artist...I feel really privileged and honored to have Rory draw this strip. I'll be inking the sucker. I hope I can do his pencils justice.

Anyhoo, the strip is about a female Space Pirate 'Deb Bonair'...it's gonna be a very light-hearted strip witht lots of fun and action and maybe some smart sci-fi (That's where Rory comes in!)

As soon as the teaser poster is pencilled and inked...I'll post an update.

Oh...The strip will be appearing exclusively on Pixelstrips.com


Naldoman said...

I expect Deb to have many ball-busting romances...as the panel illustrates!! Be sure sure to have them stop at the isle of Lesbos....

Greg said...

You've got Rory pencilling your comic? I will look for it in June of 2010 then. I kid I kid. Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Stephen Reid said...

Ha! Greg...that's funny. I guess we both know Rory too well...I got a feeling this time...he'll do it! His art is fantastic.

Thanks for the comment and for finding the blog.

Hope your doing well.