Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Man from Malego - Post #1

The Man from Malego

This post brings back memories. This was a strip I did or actually re-did for a friend of mine. It's about a sexist bounty hunter tracking down Billy the Kid and her gang. It was a lot of fun...still haven't finished the whole thing, but I will and maybe ask Kevin from if he would like to host it.

It was written by my friend George O' Shea and it was originally printed in a indie comic book that I had published back in Ireland. The publication was called 'Mainstream' . George did the original art and I had asked him years later if I could redraw it. He said sure...and I still ain't finished it. I'll get it done this year for sure...I've only got two pages left!!!

I'll post more panels over the next few weeks. Enjoy the bar scene as our Bounty Hunter's arrival brings the festivities to a close.

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