Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Irish Independent - Mrs Brown!

Brendan's manager Rory Cowen was interviewed for the Irish Independent 'review' section and he mentioned the animated series that I'd been working on. Even gave them one of my character designs to accompany the article. I'm delighted. The article is from the Sunday 7th February edition.

Although, the article says I'm an 'American' artist, which is technically true, I became a citizen last July, I was born and raised in Ireland before immigrating in '96.

It feels surreal to see my artwork like that. But it was also cool.


Gary Fitzgerald said...

hey man that's awesome!!
pity they couldn't get your name in there but at least your art is really prominent...
hopefully he'll be able to come through for you..

good stuff..

Bluemeanie said...

Nice one bud.
You're overdue some success with this thing

Optimus Prime said...

Well Done Flint! All the best!

Ryan said...

That's great Stephen, I know you've been working on it for awhile.