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After a year of working on this can finally be officially seen!
Kevin at Pixelstrips has graciously devoted a space to on the website to this quirky story of two lowly henchmen.
Al Sparrow (the uber-talented writer) has provided this brief FAQ:
1) When do we get to see it?
As soon as I get off my butt and get the stuff to Kevin. Hopefully I'll have time this very weekend. April 1st would be a great day to have an "official" beginning, wouldn't it?
2) What's it about?
Two thugs, or henchmen for a major supervillain, get lucky and kill two major superheroes by accident. Not only does this make them targets of the entire superhero community, there's more than a few supervillains who want to take them out as well. After all, they stole their thunder...
3) Where'd you get the idea?
I watched way too many episodes of the old "Batman" show with Adam West. Pay too much attention and you'll notice that sometimes the same thugs working for Cesar Romero's Joker one week were also henching for Gorshin's Riddler or Newmar's Catwoman the next week. It occured to me that being a thug must be a full-time gig, and someone ought to write a story about that. So I did.
4) Is this going to be like PVP where we can expect a new strip like clockwork, or Megatokyo, where we get a lot of side art while you're working on new pages?
Probably more of the latter. It comes down to how fast Steve can get pages. We have a solid 50 in the can and the plan is to release one a week. In addition to that we'll throw in character sketches, Who's Who type stuff and maybe I'll torture you with my artwork on occasion. It's a definite work in progress, but it's also one click on your mouse a week. That's not really that much to ask, I don't think.
5) Does the story have an ending?
Yes. We've actually plotted the whole thing out in case one of us dies. Or kill each other. Or something like that. It could happen.
6) Where's the merch?
It's coming, as soon as we figure out what on earth anyone would possibly want to spend their money on from this comic. It's no Marvel Zombies, you know!
7) Can my kids read this?
Depends on if your kids can handle seeing characters getting shot, dropping the occasional F-bomb, or dressing in suggestive superhero attire. We're not trying to make Garth Ennis blush or anything, but I've always felt cursing exists for a reason and if used effectively can help make dialogue better.
8) What are your goals with this comic?
It started out as a pasttime, evolved into a project, and is now becoming a published work...even if only on the web. Beyond that, we'd like to collect it in pulp format and sell it at some point, and then there's the day Marvel or DC taps us to bring back Atari Force or the Micronauts. After that, I see Timm doing the art chores on the cartoon release. Nahh...we're in it for the funny, not the money. Not that we'd turn it down if it happened, mind you.
9) Are you always this long-winded?
Why do you think Steve makes me letter my own stuff?
So, Check it's up at

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