Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Mrs. Browns Boys Update

No wonder she's happy. World domination begins...NOW!
Finished the main cast model sheets for the animated series. Currently working on getting reference images for backgrounds. I dislike drawing backgrounds...but it has to be done. It's a weakness with me but I'm determined to do a fantastic job on this.

Next phase is the Script, which Brendan is currently writing. I'll need to go through it with a fine comb and section out what's needed...background wise, character wise and prop wise. And figure out where the main concerns would come in the animation stage...what will work, what won't, and if it doesn't work...what solution can I come up with to make it work..etc.

It's been a long process. It took years to reach this stage. Patience is definitely a virtue.

In the meantime...Mrs. Brown is up for more BAFTAs this year. Here's hoping Brendan gets his hands on one.

O'Carroll Leads Irish BAFTA Charge

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