Thursday, July 07, 2011


Quick check-up on my New Years resolutions now that I've hit the halfway point.

1. Finish the novel I'd been working on. Still working on it...bit by bit day by day. I do figure I'll have it complete by the end of year. So, that's going well.

2. Build a life-size replica of a Dalek. I bit off more than I could chew with that one. I've been too busy to even start on it. This one might be a goal for next year.

3. Lose a ton of weight. Well, this worked up until I came back from Ireland in mid-June. I had lost 20 pounds up to that point...and then beer and Irish food took over. I'll be back on my weight loss plan on Monday. Bikram Yoga will help and cutting down on the booze should help that along. :-)

4. Win another soccer competition. Got a good chance of that this season. I have assembled a really good team and it looks like we're gelling really well. We'll see.

5. Get Thugs! Issue 4 out by May. Done and dusted.

6. Get more issues of Thugs! done. Working on it. Got Al's script for Issue 5 and have most of it thumbnailed out. I'm cautiously optimistic on this one.

7. Write and draw Superhero Squad type Dredd story. Nearly there. It's three pages. I just finished the centerspread and am currently inking the third page. The color on this sucker killed me.

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