Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Judge Dredd -Legendary Shark!


I've pieced the centerspread together in Photoshop. I have to clean it up a small bit and start the color process. I've also got to draw page three. I've already got the rough pencils on that done. It's going to take longer for me to do this strip than I anticipated!

I've got some drawings to do for 'Mrs. Browns Boys' this week. Two new character drawings!


rory said...

Looks good! ...still weird to see a smilin' Dredd...

Dovinsia said...

Nice drawing!

I just became ur follower cos I'm doing a blog just like yours. Check it out if u have time! I would love to hear what you think of my drawings aswell. They're not as awesome as yours, but I hope you'll still think they're cool.

Look it up at: thespiritlord.blogspot.com

Way to go man! Keep up your drawings cos they are cool!