Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Projects Update - Part Deux!

Bride of Frankenstein commission pic for Bluemeanie. Still have to get this done! And as soon as it is...post it off to Rich with the Tank Girl pic I did for Iz ages ago!!!

Strontium Dog artwork for Rich's script.
Thugs! #3. So, behind on this. Still gotta finish the cover colors and get the Ultramaiden parody ad complete.

Finvarras Feast. Sheesh! I'm such a slacker

Irelands Own. An Irish gangland crime project. Still researching this one!

White Heat No.1 The only thing holding this up is the introduction piece I have to write for it. Other than that...it's done.

White Heat No.2 The Deb Bonair story in this issue has been completely thumbnailed. I still need a second story for this issue.

Thugs! Time to get back in the saddle on this project!

Lots of stuff to do...so little time!!!

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rory said...

Quit slackin' already!