Thursday, May 01, 2008

THUGS! - Cover Ruff!

Heres the ruff cover for Thugs! No.1.

It's an homage to Batman: Gotham Adventures No.1 cover by Ty Templeton.
Of course I'll put the credit on the cover when I'm finished. Also, we spoofed the tagline from 'DC Universe 0' - The Ending Begins Here!'

In fact the whole of Thugs is a huge lovesong/spoof of all our favorite Superheroes. Lots of homages and 'tip of the hat' type stuff.

We hope to have the first issue published by August. It seems like it's a long way aways but time flies...

I'll post the final cover when I'm finished tweaking this one.

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rory said...

Nice job, Steve. Good luck with the book!