Monday, February 11, 2008

Zuda - Rejection!

I got my first Zuda rejection in my email the other day. Here's what it said...

Thank you for taking the time and effort to prepare your comic and for submitting it to Zuda Comics.
We here at Zuda are fortunate enough to have dozens of excellent submissions, from a wide variety of artists, to review each week. Our editorial team carefully reads each and every submission. After much consideration, we have determined that other comics are a better fit for our editorial needs at this time.
Please accept our best wishes and thank you for your interest in Zuda.
Team Zuda

The only thing that bummed me out was...what took 'em so long! It was a 3 month wait. The artwork wasn't too bad...better than some of the stuff that passes as webstrips these days. I understand why they rejected it. Nothing really happens till the 7th 'page'.

I'll post the failed entry later this week.



Jesus, pretty cold response. "We have determined that other comics are a better fit BZZZZTT!". Like a fuckin' dalek. Chin up, Stevo. If it were easy it wouldn't be worth doing, right?

Stephen Reid said...

It was a throwaway idea. It was intersting to put together...but I know myself it feel a good bit short. I don't let it get to me. I've seen a lot of crap out there. And my crap is waaaay better then most of it. Just it's unpublished crap! ;-)

Stephen Reid said...

I hate when I miss-type!


'It was interesting to put together...but I know myself it fell a good bit short.'

There we go.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

I agree.. your 'crap' is way better than most webcomics AND most of what's going up on ZUDA.. quite surprised at the low level of quality over there.. in fact I've stopped checking..

we should do that anthology book you mentioned.. get 4 or 5 of us local boys and each do 8 page westerns.. (can use the fact that we're all from phoenix as a marketing ploy..)

Bluemeanie said...

see your problem was not enough Welsh input at scripting stage


What? You support man fucking utd, that means your gullible enough to fall for anything if its made shiny enough

oohh... look.... spice girl wives... coke adverts... oohhh!!!