Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another oldie!

Another oldie but goodie. This is from 1989!

I was obviously trying to imitate a Creepy/Eerie/Vampirella vibe on this. I think I used a panel from one of thoses books and put in my own characters. I wanted to see if I could learn something by doing something similar. Might have used Gonalez for this. Can't's all muddy!

Anyways, the character is 'Vex' (Jason Velacroix) and his 'sidekick' Danielle Kowalski. This was going to be a cover for 'Mainstream'.

I later revamped 'Vex'...moved him into an alternate stempunk type future and renamed the strip 'Inquisitor Vex'. I have some pages from that revamp...I'll post them at some stage.

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rory said...

Haha! This old stuff is brilliant, keep posting!