Friday, September 21, 2007


While I'm sorting out my business/drawing schedule for the coming weeks...
heres an image I did for a comic book I created back in the late 80's....'MAINSTREAM'.

This was the cover for Issue 2. I was 19 when I drew it. Not bad...but I think I took the idea from an old DC book...can't remember!

When I'm stuck for something to post...I'll put up my old garbage. My old garbage is quite interesting when you comapre it to my new garbage.

The character in the vampire choke-hold is 'Vex'. Vex storylines dealt with the supernatural and were very X-Files before the X-Files....If you know what I mean.


rory said...

Hey Steve Welcome back to the states. I sure missed hearing about how awesome Judge Dredd is...:)

Jim said...

At first glance i thought it read "Man Stream". Glad to see you havent reverted to making exploitation comics... I think