Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Strontium Dog! The Animated Series!!!!

One of my all time favorite comic-book characters.

Johnny Alpha...Strontium Dog!

I toyed around with an 'animated' look for a Strontium Dog series years ago.

If I was a gazillionaire...I would definitely finance this into a series of movies or direct to dvd animated series...hell, even live action would do.

And I'd pay John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra tons of money to work on it.

However, being a realist...I'd settle for an animated series...which 'if things work out' I'll pursue with a vengeance in the next couple of years.


rory said...

Not too familiar with this character , I've seen him before but have never read the comics. You would think with the maturation of animation fans more properties like this and even Judge Dredd would see production. The problem is the chance they would be not be done by the right people(coughultimateavengerscough!)

Martin A. Devine said...

Nice! Funny you should post this right now, I just started reading the first 200AD/DC Strontium Dog TPB. Ain't that weird?!