Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jesus vs Doctor Doom!

Yes, True Believers...The Ultimate Smackdown!

I did this for Marty Devine. Check out Marty's Blog. The link is on the right column somewheres. Marty's a great guy and a regular contributor to the ComicGeekSpeak Forums.

Marty thought this would be an excellent match-up...and he was right.
The pic is a parody of the 'Muhammed Ali vs Superman' oversized comic book that Neal Adams drew in the 70's. It has the best Neal Adams art ever!!!

My apologies to Mr. Adams....but I couldn't resist it!

btw...that's Marty...second in from the bottom right.



Marty Devine said...

Damn Flint.
What the hell can I say? (literally!)
That has to be one of the neatest things I've ever scene.
Well above and beyond the call of duty, you magnificent bastard!
It's an honor to share a comic page
with the messiah and Dredd.
I can now die a happy man.

Gary Fitzgerald said...

Good one.

Ryan Cody said...

that's pretty fucking cool.

rory said...

Awesome , man! It needs to be bigger so I can see all the characters in the background .

Naldoman said...

DUDE -- Years ago some buddies of mine always debated the merits of a "Jesus vs. Dr. Who" battle to the finish. I was decided that the victory was moot because the loser would just regenerate anyway...