Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Deb Bonair - Word placement for Kevin!

Okay, okay! I know...it's the same crummy image as the last post! Yeah, but...this one has the logo and word placement!

I sent the 'real' file to Kevin. It's up to Kevin to save this and work his magic. The next time to see this image...it will be the final version....promise!


Tom said...

This is looking cool. Is color coming soon? Thanks for checkin' out my site.

Stephen Reid said...

Hey Tom,
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, it should be in color. Kevin Volo at Pixelstrips.com is gonna color this sucker. Rory is such an amzing artist...I'd have to do something seriously wrong for his pencils not to shine through the okay inks!

Yep! Your site rocks!